4 thoughts on “Graduation Portraits”

  1. Jasmyne Tomlin says:

    I have always been a huge fan of my classmate William Kelly’s work. I recently took my Spring 2018 Graduation photos with him & he made the experience so delightful. I have zero experience in front of a camera and felt a bit camera shy. Thank god for William’s charm and sense of humor. He made my session a great experience! Word of advice to any prospective clients; do not fake smile with William, he will call you out & make you give him the biggest smile of your life! Keep up the great work William! I LOVE my photos! Thank you so much again!

  2. Asean Davis says:

    Will is a great photographer that is very open to trying new things. He makes photo shoots very comfortable for you and even plays a variety of music. He’s taken a plethora of my photos and has only gotten better over time. I would recommend him for any event! Thanks again for the great work.

  3. Parri Swinson says:

    I love the creative eye that the photographer used to capture these moments. There is so much life and happiness in these photos. Graduation is a celebratory event and the photographer captured these smiles and laughs in a great way.

  4. Jauan D Knight says:

    William is AMAZING! As a photographer myself, I would have only trusted my graduation pictures with a few people and Willy is the standard! Not only is he funny and amazing to work with, but I learned so much from just watching him work with me and listening to his advice!

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